2534E Blackbird Racing Graphic Kit Dream 3 KTM 2534E

Adhesives for motocross and enduro are made with materials highly efficient and optimum quality.It has a thickness of 0.5 mm, is strong and stands the test of time.The impression is of type uses resistant inks screen and brilliant.

  •  Graphic kits include radiator shrouds, front fender and rear fender stickers
  • Seat covers feature a no-slip material and crystal graphics on the sides
  • Graphic kits with seat covers include radiator shrouds, front fender, rear fender, airbox, swing-arm, fork protectors, fork stickers, tank stickers and coordinating seat cover


1-If the plastics are scratched, it's better to replace them with new ones.

2-To clean plastic debris or old adhesives glue, use always "contact cleaner". Don't use thinner, alcohol or dry the plastic with petrol.Leave if it takes more than 24h.

3-After the application heat up the strong>stickers by means of a hair-dryer and exert a pressure on them.

Type of piece
Adhesives and seat covers
New product

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