Our history

After in 1982 we were passionate about motocross and after more than 20 years related to the off road bikes as fan, amateur rider or mechanic, in 2003 we channeled our passion towards the then incipient internet sector.

March 2003 .- Mxtotal.net is born, the first website created in a professional manner focused 100% on the motocross fan and in the Spanish language.
  In a few months our forums and the news and photos sections become the point of reference for a large majority of pilots and fans of this sport.
  Users are soon counted by thousands and world-class pilots are common in social gatherings with anonymous fans.

September 2003 .- We opened the online store. At the request of many of the forum users who encourage us to open the store to help them get products that they do not locate in their towns or cities.

January 2004 .- We started to follow all the local races in Catalonia, the Spanish motocross championship and some World Championship events, making reports of the races and photographing or interviewing the majority of pilots. This activity would be carried out for more than 10 years.

Period 2007-2010 .- The online store continues to expand its catalog and the number of customers, while at the same time the forum and online magazine begin to suffer the takeoff of Facebook and smartphones. From that moment on, any person without computer knowledge can take pictures at the races, publish them on the internet and share them with others.
  This fact makes the forums, both the Mxtotal and other sectors are losing interest among people and little by little they are running out of participants.

February 2008 .- We created the online store Solocascos.com, specializing in motorcycle helmets, especially on-road and scooter and leader for the last 10 years in the Spanish market.

January 2010 .- In Mxtotal we decided to focus on the online store, we improved the website and started selling in other neighboring countries, such as France and Portugal.

Period 2010-2015 .- The online store Mxtotal.com undergoes a constant evolution and expansion of the product catalog. We created the Enduro, Trial and Quad sections as well as the Motocross sections and offer the contents in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.
  We increase the staff, always looking for professionals who are from this sector, to be able to solve the continuous doubts of our clients in any of the languages.

January 2016 .- We start our "Discount System by levels", a totally innovative method that allows significant savings to those who deserve it most, our regular customers.

March 2018 .- We open sales to the entire world. From that date, it can be purchased at Mxtotal from more than 50 countries, taking advantage of a substantial improvement in the computer system that supports the web.

And after more than 15 years, we went ahead, with the same enthusiasm and desire to improve than the first day.

Customer service schedule

  • Mon-Fri 9:30 am -13:30 pm / 16 pm - 19 pm (EU western time)
  • Live chat (English, Français, Portugues, Spanish, Català)
  • E-mail (English, Français, Portugues, Spanish, Català)
  • Whatsapp (English, Français, Portugues, Spanish, Català)
  • Phone (sorry, we can only attend you in Spanish): +34 972 39 69 13

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