In we apply the European regulation for the protection of personal data, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016, commonly known as GDPR

Based on this regulation, we inform you of the following:

 Your personal information that we collect:

Name and surname
Delivery and / or billing address
VAT number (only required to companies and export)
  Personal information that we do NOT collect:
Credit or debit card numbers
Account number
Paypal access data
All these data related to the payment of your order you enter directly into the bank page or payment method, never on this website.
Other personal information not listed in point 1.
  Use we give to these data:
Process the order in warehouse
Generate invoice
Shipping labels
Communication with the customer
Sending your own information (offers, notices, etc.)
Accounting notes (fiscal obligation)
  Transfer of your data to third parties
To the carrier so that he can make the delivery
To the Spanish Tax Administration, AEAT (within the accounting)
Your data will never be transferred to third parties that are not in this section number 4.
  In relation to these personal data, you can:
Request that we modify them
Request that we limit its use
Request that we send them to you
Request that we eliminate them
Submit a claim in case of not fulfilling what is specified in this page
and any other action provided for in the GDPR regulation
  Limitations on the deletion of personal data
  The Spanish Tax Agency requires keeping the accounting data for 5 years
  Removing personal data from our database will cause the automatic cancellation of our discount program because it is impossible to have the customer's history, on which this program is based.
  Use of "cookies"
  Cookies are used by all websites, including this one, so that the online order can be processed.
  It is a temporary memory system that basically serves to remember the products that you have in the basket while you change pages and until you decide to finalize the order.
  When a client registers, they also keep the client activated to avoid having to enter the password each time they change the section within this same website.
  That is why temporarily (while you visit the website), a cookie may contain some personal data, such as the name or some other data that identifies you with the system.
  The system can not manage your order correctly without the use of cookies, so if you do not agree with the use of cookies, you can not place an order here.
  The person/entity responsible for the processing of your data is:
  A4 Moto Group S.L. (
  Your consent is necessary:
  In all the forms, in which we ask for your information, you will find a checkbox that you must mark to give your consent to the processing of data in the manner described above. Without checking this box, you will not be able to record any personal data in our system or place any order.

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