Hot Rots Crank Shaft 46689


Hot Rods crankshafts are made from some of the highest quality forgings available, and thanks to an entire system of quality control checks and rechecks, these cranks meet or exceed OEM parameters. And Hot Rods tunes and trues their components to OEM specification for your bike, ATV, or UTV so you won’t have to do any guess work or tuning of your own. Each component is copper plated, case hardened, heat treated, CNC machined, and held to a tolerance measured in microns for the best fitment and friction reduction possible in a crankshaft. This package comes pre-assembled with connecting rod(s), top-end bearings, and crankshaft webs so you’ll be able to simply drop it in and keep moving on with your build.


  • Pre-assembled with connecting rods, top-end bearings, and crankshaft webs
  • Trued and tuned to OEM specs
  • Meets or surpasses OEM spec
  • Copper plated rod and webbing surfaces
  • Heat treated and case hardened
  • Made in Urbandale, Iowa USA
Hot Rods
Type of piece
Engine - Clutch
New product

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