List of products by brand Braking

Braking Sintered Brake Pad Rear Husqvarna WR 250 1995-04
  • Reduced price / -€1.94
€30.29 €32.22
Sintered metal brake pad for large range of conditions (mud or sand,sun or rain). It provides a stable brake performance and low wear rateon the race track as well as off-road. 
Braking Brake Rotor Rear Honda HO60RID
  • Reduced price / -€6.28
€98.41 €104.69
BRAKING® brand is associated with the revolution that the company brought to the bike disk industry by inventing first the WAVE® concept that enabled the development of the lightest racing disk (Multi-World-Champion SK Series),and next the BATFLY® concept that created a new "way" of braking (Multi-World-Champion BATFLY  Series).

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