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EVS R2 Race Collar
  • Reduced price / -€12.31

EVS R2 Race Collar

€29.95 €42.26
EVS R2 Race Collar Comfortable pad deflects impacts to neck and collarbone Can be trimmed to fit any size neck Form-fitting, low-profile collar is aerodynamic and does not need to be clipped to a roost deflector to hold it in place
EVS Youth RC2-Y Race Collar
  • Reduced price / -€18.52
€19.95 €38.47
EVS Youth RC2-Y Race Collar Comfortable pad disperses neck and collarbone impacts Form-fitting foam can be trimmed to fit any neck size comfortably Low-profile pad is aerodynamic; no need to strap it down onto your roost guard
EVS Motocross G6 Ballistic Jersey
  • Reduced price / -€11.50
€180.08 €191.58
EVS’s premier body armor suit, the G6 doesn’t leave an inch of the upper body exposed to roost, rocks and crashes. A mix of soft and hard armor, the G6 includes chest, back, shoulder and elbow protection and also contains a double closure kidney belt. And to hold all of this together, EVS has used a lightweight and breathable mesh material that ensures...
EVS Impact Kidney Belt White
  • Reduced price / -€2.49
€39.03 €41.53
EVS Impact Kidney Belt Black - EVS Motocross Enduro Body ProtectionThe Impact Belt offers increased lower spine protection & support mxtotal.comEVS Impact Kidney Belt Black Features: Reinforced lower spine panel Channeled perforated foam for maximum ventilation & support
EVS Youth R4 Race Collar
  • Reduced price / -€57.79
€49.90 €107.69
This collar serves to protect the neck against bumps and twists to fall headfirst into the ground. Allows neck flexion have less travel both forward and backward or both sides by abutting the town with him in case of a fall.
EVS Ankle Support Size 47/49
  • Reduced price / -€5.66
€7.74 €13.41
EVS Ankle Size 47/49 Over the last quarter of a century EVS Sports has become the leader in innovation and advanced technology, developing head to toe products for the majority of today's extreme sports athletes. What started out as one knee brace has evolved into an extensive line of knees braces, neck supports, helmets, chest/back protection and a long...
EVS SB03 Shoulder Protector
  • Reduced price / -€3.45
€54.12 €57.57
EVS SB03 Shoulder Protector - Airprene fact. - Includes 3 different size straps for added support. - Fits both shoulders.  
EVS Wrist WB 01
  • Reduced price / -€1.74

EVS Wrist WB 01

€27.31 €29.05
The maximum wrist support. One size, fits the left or right hand. Double support high density rubber. Double Velcro.
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