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Charging 15 Euro for postage ,parcel was on 6.95 Euro an Ripoff with postage to overseas, Exhaust Sticker they send is not heated proof for any exhaust system its only alternative for a picture. No response on earlier mails.
formal customer 19/06/2018
Answer: Hello Peter, shipping costs to Australia not only include the price of the package shipping, we also had to pay additional documentation (DUA) that is paid in the office here. In total the cost of sending your package was 12 euro of DUA + 6.95 euro of package delivery. We only charge you 15 euro for the 18.95 euro that really cost us.
Many thanks for the mx items I bought from you! My son was delighted! Many thanks!
Julia Codsner 24/03/2015
Brilliant shop for all my trail riding needs. Great products at competitive prices and fast, reliable delivery.
Jessie Cranckwell 19/03/2015
The team took time to help me chose the body amour that was right for me. I had been looking around for months without being able to make a decision, these guys made it easy for me.
Peter Brown 04/03/2015
The prices are excellent and everything is delivered quickly. Have no problems to report, staff are very helpful and communicate well with any enquires.
Toby Burrow 23/01/2015
It was easy to find what I wanted on the site and the service was excellent, very quick well packed.
David Eddles 12/01/2015
Ordered a few items which all arrived in good time. Some had to go back as they did not fit, but the returns process was painless and feedback was good at all times.
Mark Withers 07/01/2015
Good service and fast delivery. All the quality products you could need. Will be using again.
Mark Goosey 29/12/2014
Straight forward ordering of Oakley goggles, notification of issue and receipt all in time for the weekend.
Michael Knight 12/11/2014

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