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Motocross Helmets


The motocross helmet is the most important protection element for the pilot. Not only must avoid all possible injuries to the head in case of fall, but must allow good visibility during piloting and a good ventilation, as it serves little protection if we do not see the obstacles or if we get sick of so much hot.

Characteristics of the motocross-enduro helmets:

  The motocross helmets have special characteristics that differentiate them from the others. For example, they do not have the typical transparent screen at eye level, but have a large opening to allow the use of specific motocross goggles. A screen would be completely useless to the second round, since it would be completely stained with mud and dust and would impede the pilot's vision.

They also have a long visor that protects against the backlight and also the stones and mud of our opponents.

They are also very ventilated helmets, since motocross is a very intense sport, in which you sweat a lot.

What should I look for before buying a motocross helmet?

1.- You have to choose the correct size

2.- It must be homologated. (all the helmets that we sell in Mxtotal are)

3.- It must be specific for motocross, like all of this section.

4.- Try to make the interior removable and washable (all the helmets that you see here have this option)

What is the safest helmet?

All helmets sold in Mxtotal are approved. This means that everyone has passed the same security tests.

Not because a helmet is more expensive has to be safer, since both have passed the same homologation.

The price difference between the helmets is motivated by the hull brand, the manufacturing material and the finishes.

The most economical helmets are usually made of plastic (polycarbonate), then there are fiberglass and top of the range are those of carbon fiber. To offer the same type of security, polycarbonate need more thickness of material, while those of fiber and especially those of carbon, with very little thickness offer the same resistance to impact. That is why the most expensive (carbon) helmets are also usually the lightest.
Also in the most economical helmets are usually used only two or three calotes (the outer shell) to cover all sizes, so some small sizes usually have a lot of internal padding, which increases the weight and the outer volume of the helmet, while that the most expensive models use three, four and up to five different boots to fit each size, so the inner padding is just the necessary one to protect, without extra padding. As for the finishes, it is clear that a high-end helmet and a well-known brand will take care of every last detail to maintain its prestige. This also makes it more expensive, but does not mean it's safer.






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