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Motocross Knee protectors


The knee protectors, as the name suggests, serve to protect the knees of the motocross rider.  There are two types, those that protect only from the blows and those that also protect the ligaments of the knee, known as orthopedic knee braces.

What knee braces do you recommend?

It depends on what you want to protect. If you just want to get rid of the blows on the ground or against the footboard of the bike, with normal knee pads you have enough, but if you want to avoid most knee injuries, invest in good orthopedic kneepads.

It is one of the protections that lasts longer, since they go inside the pants and also do not usually hit too much.

How do I differentiate between normal and orthopedic knee braces?

In Mxtotal we usually specify what type of knee pads it is, but as a general rule you will not find any pair of orthopedic knee braces below € 200.

Even the highest-end ones are also sold by units, since there are pilots who only buy a knee brace when they already suffer some ligament injury.

There are some knee pads that look orthopedic, but they are not, although they are articulated, which is different. These do not protect from joint injuries, only from blows, although they cover more surface than the simplest ones.


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