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Motocross neck protectors


The collars or neck protectors for motocross-enduro have the function of avoiding, as far as possible, spinal injuries at neck height. For this they limit the route that the neck can make in case of fall.

  We have the largest selection of motocross neck protectors at the best price and the best-known brands: Alpinestars, EVS, Leatt Brace, Polisport, UFO. They are also available in junior or women's version.

How does the motocross-enduro neck protector work?

First of all, keep in mind that a neck protector can not prevent all neck injuries. Motorcycling is a high risk sport and falls can cause all types of injuries, mild or serious, despite carrying all possible protections.

That said, the neck protector is designed so that, in the event of a head fall, the neck protector can not bend excessively. For this, it rests on the shoulders, chest and back, so that the helmet has a limitation in its route when resting on the neck protector.

How to choose the best motocross-enduro neck protector?

The motocross neck protectors are differentiated by the material in which they are constructed and the level of adjustment to each body they provide.

The most economical ones are made of high density foam and are simply placed on the neck with a velcro. Your level of protection is modest.
The most expensive are usually made of carbon fiber and are therefore lighter and also allow a high level of adjustment to the body, including in some cases spare parts of different sizes for a perfect fit. They are usually offered in several sizes. A very important aspect before buying a neck protector is that you have to take into account the type of breastplate or espalier that we use, since some models do not allow the use of neck protectors.





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Motocross neck protectors
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