MCC449-8/11312145 TRW Clutch Friction Plate Kit MCC449-8


  • Clutch friction plate kits are supplied as a separate kit from springs and drive plates
  • Different friction materials are used to match original specification
  • Friction plates should be allowed to bed in to avoid glazing friction surface
  • Check old plates for color and wear and preferably replace at the same time as friction plates
  • NOTE: Some synthetic oils increase the danger of clutch slip with friction plates CLUTCH FRICTION PLATES
  • The ultimate clutch friction material for fast road, sports riders and racers
  • Ideal for all high performance applications
  • Improved heat resistance and longer service life
  • Perfect combination of selected raw materials with high carbon content
  • Very low compressibility, therefore no slipping or sticking even at the highest speeds and torques
Type of piece
Engine - Clutch
New product

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