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Spray óleo de corrente PDL 400 ml

Spray óleo de corrente PDL 400 ml

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Fat Dry Chain
Protection only chain dry has developed maintaining modern chains checkpoints without seals.
Specially made for dry and dusty land, to not engache sand and dust, and that your last transmission kit in these carecteristicas more terrain. así one abrasive does not occur-thus Sealing rings your chain last much longer. Durability of your transmission kit extends markedly.
Therefore the use of PDL saves you money.In desegrasantes chain and transmission kit.-No sticky,not bound dirtor remains of chain or wheel rim.
-The active components get directly below rollers external chain when sprayed to maximum lubrication at the required points in chain.
-Highly effective
-Only a few grams necessary lubricating full 
-Twice as effective as lubricants fatty.

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