Motocross Boots


The motocross boots are, together with the helmet, the most important protection element for a rider.

Its main function is to protect the feet against the blows with the ground, with the bike itself and against the stones thrown by the pilots that precede us.

What size of cross boots do I need?

If you have never had one before they serve as a guide, it is advisable that you select one size more than the foot number you use with normal footwear. For example, if you wear sneakers of size 43, then your motocross boots will be size 44. This is because these boots have a lot of protection that makes them very rigid, which prevents them from adapting to the shape of the foot like a normal shoe.

How is one boot different from the others?

The main characteristic of these boots is that the sole must allow the foot to slide on the ground without it hooking on the ground. At first the soles were completely smooth, but for years they all have a wedge-shaped design that allows skating forward but that grabs enough in case of having to push the bike or walk with them.

Another characteristic is that they are boots with a lot of protection in the tip and in the shin, where they receive many blows of stones and against the ground. They also tend to wear protection throughout the area of contact with the motorcycle, otherwise they would deteriorate very quickly.

They are high boots with several adjustable closures and the high range usually include some type of ankle joint to increase comfort and control over the bike.

There are spare parts for the soles, which wear out due to their contact with the stirrups and with the floor.

What are the differences between cheap and expensive boots?

The main difference you will notice is that the more expensive boots allow you greater mobility of the foot from the first day of use, while the economic ones will need several days riding on a motorcycle so that the skin softens.

This is because the high-end models use a higher quality skin, so it can be thinner with the same resistance and they usually combine it with ankle joints integrated in the plastic parts.

A high-end boot is lighter and gives more control over the brake pedal and shift lever.

In terms of protection, all models provide a similar level of protection.

The reference brands are Alpinestars, Gaerne and Sidi, while other brands such as Fox or Thor have products at a level slightly lower than the first.



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