Motocross Jerseys

The motocross-enduro jerseys have the function of protecting the rider and at the same time allowing a very good perspiration.

They are used to being part of a complete motocross outfit that matches the trousers and gloves.

In Mxtotal we have the cross jerseys you need. With breathable fabric, different finishes and prices and the best brands: FOX Racing, Shift, THOR, Answer, Scott, UFO.

How to choose the best cross-country jersey?

 The first thing you have to take into account, as in all garments, is the size.

Normally the cross jerseys are wide to offer freedom of movement to the pilot, but to choose the correct size you have to take into account also if you wear protections underneath or if on the contrary you wear them over the shirt.

If in doubt, choose a larger size.

Once the size is decided, look for it to have elastic components on the neck and cuffs and ventilation areas, for example in the armpits.

It is important that the part of the back is longer than the front so that the shirt does not come out in the riding position, although this will suit.

Also keep in mind the ambient temperature when you are going to use it. There are some extra-vented models that are perfect for summer because they are very perforated.

Can I put my name and number on my back?

In Mxtotal we do not do it, but you can do it yourself very easily.

We have a kit of numbers and letters that allow you to print between two and four shirts using a single kit.


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