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Motocross Goggles


The motocross-enduro goggles must fulfill two basic functions, protect the eyes of the pilot against dust, stones and mud and allow the vision throughout the race despite the elements.

  We have a wide selection of motocross goggles of all ranges and colors available in the market and from the best manufacturers, 100% (100percent), Oakley, SCOTT, THOR, UFO, also available in junior or women's version. You will also find all the specific spare parts adapted to each model of goggles, according to the manufacturer: glass refills, covers, cases, protective covers or replacement belts.

Essential accessories:

Because splashes of mud and dust can hinder vision in a few minutes in a motocross race, there are accessories that allow you to "clean" the crystals without getting off the bike.
The most common is the use of tirables or tear-off, which are nothing more than thin sheets of clear plastic that are placed on top of the original goggles. These have an extension that allows you to pull them as they get stained, so we have the clean glass underneath. You can place several pens at the same time, one on top of the other, to clean the goggles along the sleeve. Another option very used is the roll-off, which is a roll of transparent film located in a side compartment of the goggles, moves from one side to the other pulling a small string, coiling in a compartment on the other side. This makes the strip that occupies the film always clean, allowing a sufficient vision.

How to choose the best cross masks?

All the motocross goggles that we have for sale at Mxtotal are brands of recognized prestige, so that any of them will comply with the basic functions necessary to enjoy with your cross bike. The most important thing, apart from that you like aesthetically, is to check that you will have all the spare parts as you need them. If you use your motorcycle often or if you do races, you will need replacement glasses and more or less regularly, so it will not do you any good to buy some goggles that you can not keep in good condition.

For users of prescription glasses:

If you wear prescription glasses there are cross goggles designed especially for you. The O.T.G (Over The Glasses) glasses are the same as the rest, only that they have extra space to incorporate the prescription glasses inside. To visualize them, click here






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