Motocross Gloves


The motocross-enduro gloves protect the hands of the pilot against the stones thrown by the bikes that precede us and also of the blisters that appear after holding us tightly to the handlebar for a while and sweating.

  Also in case of fall will avoid, to a great extent, the chafing on the hands.

How to choose good gloves for motocross-enduro?

The most important thing is the correct size. If they are large they will cause blisters in the palm of the hand due to the folds. The advantage is that most gloves carve the same, so if you already have one of a size, the safest thing is that you get well of the same size even if they are from another brand or model.
You have to take into account also the type of use you are going to give them. If you do races look for ones that have protections on the knuckles, otherwise the stones thrown by your rivals will damage your fingers. If
you do not do races or if you have handguards on the bike, you can choose gloves with less external protections, which will make them more comfortable and adapt much better to your hand.


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