Motocross pants

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The motocross-enduro pants protect the outside of the legs against the stones thrown by other bikes and also in case of fall, while the inside of the knees protect from friction and shock with the bike itself.

  That is why they must be manufactured with materials that offer great strength and at the same time are breathable and flexible in the articulated areas.

Characteristics that must have good motocross-enduro pants:

- They have to allow a good mobility on the motorcycle

- Be resistant in critical areas

- Flexible on the knees

- Adjustable waist

- Amplitude to allow the use of knee pads.

Price differences between the cross-enduro pants:

The motocross pants follow the same trend as the rest of the technical products on the market, so their price varies a lot depending on:

- The prestige of the brand

- The materials used in its manufacture

- The amount of technical details that carry

- Level of finishes

As a general rule, the economic pants are more uncomfortable to wear, but they are a good alternative if you ride a lot on a motorcycle and "trash" several pants a year.
If, on the other hand, you only use the motorcycle on weekends, do not skimp on this item, in the long run you will win.


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