Mxtotal delivery time - Conditions, exceptions and advice.

In Mxtotal we indicate the indicative delivery times in these two spaces:

- In each product individually. Only that specific product is considered.

- On the checkout page, next to the shipping methods. It takes into account all the products added to the basket and the country of the registered customer.
  If you buy more than one product, this is the only term you should take into account.
  The delivery time is recorded with the order and can always be consulted in your account-> order details

Conditions and exceptions:

- We do everything possible to deliver all orders within the deadline and if possible, before, but we insist that the delivery time is approximate and may vary for many reasons. Here are some.

- If you make an order with deferred payment (bank transfer, for example) you have to add to the delivery time the days it will take for the money to be transferred to our account.

- The delivery time is indicated by default for the main cities and large towns of Western Europe.

- If you live very far from the capital of your country and you are also in a small town or in a house far from the urban nucleus, delivery may be delayed up to two or three days longer than indicated, as carriers try to optimize travel.

- UK customers should not take these deadlines into account, since at this time and due to Brexit we do not ship there. Sorry.

- If the carrier has a breakdown, incident or accident, delivery may be delayed and in no case will it be passed on to Mxtotal.

- If the customer is not at the delivery address when the carrier passes or the customer has misspelled the address or with missing data, there may also be a delay in delivery not attributable to Mxtotal.

- If there are defects in a product, stock error or typographical error, the delivery time may be altered.
   If your order is for a single product, you will be notified of the problem and we will refund the money immediately.
   If the order is for several products, you will be informed of the different possibilities and once the solution has been agreed with you, the order will be sent, counting the term from that moment.

Recommendations for a successful delivery

- From the moment you place the order until it arrives at your home, there are many people involved in the process working for you, management, nerves, rush, kilometers and possible human errors, so make it as easy as possible and everything will arrive sooner.

- Before confirming the order, double check that you have everything you need and that it is the right thing to do. Stopping and modifying an order once it has been completed implies certain delays and extra steps that can harm other customers.

- Write well and complete the address with as much information as possible. Street, house number, floor, door, correct zip code, telephone, etc.

- Put a delivery address where someone is always there all day. Carriers typically can't make custom routes and schedules just for you.

- If you put the address of a store or company, also put the name of the exterior sign next to the address.

- Even if you put a note asking the carrier to call you before delivery, many will not do it due to the workload they have, so you better follow the previous advice.

- Make the orders with time. If you remember to ask for a clutch on a Thursday afternoon, chances are high that you won't be able to ride a motorcycle that weekend.

- If, despite having complied with all the conditions and recommendations described here, your order is delivered after the deadline, we will compensate you with 25% of the value of the products purchased (May 2021)

- Thank you for helping us to give you a better service.

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